How Pinterest Marketing Can help Your business

Today we can look at how pinterest marketing can help your business. Pinterest sure is generating a lot of hype these days, it is pulling in some serious numbers 10 million unique hits in its first month. Just the kind of thing that creates stability for a website.

Looking at their model it is easy to see where they are going to generate revenue from. It is also apparent that their revenue will be through the roof if they are utilizing an outbound links plan in a advertiser charging plan or they could be charging to for branded plans as some of their Pinners (?) are retail stores.

Influencer Marketing

If you are a Photographer this provides a massive boost to your prospective sales, imaging an engine that won’t go down providing quality images to mass amounts of people for free, no commissions review processes or red-tape. Pinterest is also using the same plugins that can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and most other sites. They have an array of “follow” buttons, Pin it, and other links that can be added to your site. For a link to their “goodies” page, click here.

Using Pinterest together with your e-store is a great way to create those inbound links, if you do not have one yet and are looking to sell, here is some additional reading if you are looking to set up an online store.

Pinterest Marketing, as seen on Nordstrom’s page, is clear as day. High quality images, direct links straight to Nordstrom’s sizing page, and sections based on personal interest.

For example, Nordstrom’s uses pinterest marketing by advertising sections such as “dresses we love” and “spring trend: Nautical Vibe”. The images are high quality and the site is slick. All of this translates to big bucks for your business and for Pinterest. It is very much like a hybrid of twitter and flickr, profiles, photos and video, comments likes, tweets, pins and repins (retweets). This is a retailer, it is hard to measure how a service orientated business, or a blogger will be able to utilize this site. I think that they may need to get creative with how and what they are posting, pinning Graphics for bloggers perhaps. Maybe you have a motivational quote or a killer mission statement that you would like to run through the Pinterest crowd.

Pinterest also allows you to post your products up on the site, or a link to a photo of a product that you like. It seems like a really good place to go for an affiliate marketer to ply his/her trade. This may be the answer, imagine affiliate marketing with good photos on a site that has no advertising…..or does it? it will be very cleverly hidden in the Pinterest photos i am sure.

Pinterest is still invite only, but that isn’t stopping the people from checking out the site. It isn’t stopping people from liking it on Facebook or Tweeting some of the links that they have found.

What You Need to Know about Canada’s Real Estate


Whether Canada’s real estate market will crash in 2017 or not is a big question that can only be answered by looking at the latest reports and the unfolding events in the Canadian property market.  Already, there are a few areas that are experiencing decline in sales while there are others that are experiencing price gains.

Note that low interests rates and regulations that allow investors to easily access mortgage financing have attracted more people into the real estate market, a thing that has increased the supply of houses. However, this does not show that we are likely to experience a crash any sooner. For a crash to occur, the market must experience a drop in demand and a quick rise in interest rates.

According to Canadian Real estate Association sales are likely to drop by 3.3% in 2017 compared to other years. This is because of deteriorating affordability and the tightened mortgage regulations.

A decline in sales activity in 2017 is expected to prompt a decline in prices because of the reduced demand. However, most of the homes in Ontario are not expected to experience a decline in prices due to low supply of houses in that area. For instance, it is becoming quite difficult to find single detached homes in the wider GTA area.  This is why house owners in the areas around Niagara, Halton, Hamilton, Durham, York and Peel are expected to experience a strong demand, which will translate into higher prices.

Areas such as British Columbia are expected to experience a great drop in prices as well as reduced number of transactions. Other areas such as Vancouver have already experienced a drop in sales and listings. Perhaps the tighter mortgage regulations introduced in 2016 play a critical role in reducing the number of buyers specifically those who are buying property for the first time.

Mortgage rates are expected to rise in 2017. This will slow and moderate the market a little bit. According to the latest report by a Canadian based rating agency (DBRS), the rising home value has pushed citizens to a record level of net worth. The agency believes that if the Canadian market crashed, the existing homeowners will not be badly affected.  This means that equity ratios for most households would remain strong despite the crash. However, most homeowners will be expected to tackle the biggest debt because of the increasing mortgage rate.

How Home Owners Will Be Affected

Generally, the slowdown and the tighter mortgage regulations will reduce the number of people who qualify for mortgage. The pricier market will be badly hit because already there is a severe shortage of lower priced listings. Inflation and economic policy will also have an impact on housing. If you are a buyer in the Canadian market, you will have more options to choose from.  It is for this reason that you need to register and buy a unit at Icona condos. All you need is $200,000 to guarantee you a unit at the condos located in an area anticipated to become the next Toronto’s downtown.

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